12th Class English Essay Uses and abuses of Mobile Phone

12th Class English Essay Uses and abuses of Mobile Phone

12th Class English Essay Uses and abuses of Mobile Phone is an important Essay For 2nd year. Mobile Phone is something that has made its users physically lazy and mentally crazy. There was a time when getting a telephone installed in one’s premises was an uphill task. People had to wait for years and years to get a telephone connection. But in the eighties a revolution took place in the field of communication with the invasion of mobile phone. Now when you need a telephone connection you just go to the market, choose a mobile phone out of hundreds of modals and makes, get a new sim and start talking to your girl friend .

All this happens just in a few minutes and spending a few thousand rupees. It is perhaps because of his mobile phone that was once a status symbol but now has become cheap toy with which both the rich and the poor play.

12th Class English Essay Advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Phones 

Mobile Phone has made communication with other people including our near and near ones very quick, simple and easy. It is a time saving device. We are just a call away from our Friends. In case of any emergency we come into contact with the relevant person in no time .we can thus save loss of life and property. We can also help law enforcing agencies curb crimes.

Mobile Phone is not a simple a gadget for verbal communication. A number of its features as short message services, news, songs, videos and camera give us both knowledge and pleasure. Some mobile manufacturing companies have also added things of daily use such as calculation, torches and and radio to their mobile sets. In this way mobile phones are now multi functional that has made our life easy, comfortable and colorful.

Some mobile phones are just like pocket computer. Sitting anywhere, even in our washroom, we can browse through the whole world of knowledge on internet within seconds. we can also play different games on it.

2nd year English Essay Advantages and disadvantages of Mobile Phones 

But it is pity that this Boone is fast becoming a bane and curse only because of the unlimited greed and profiteering of mobile companies. In order to generate money these companies do not spreading evils. They give incentives to young boys and girls to talk whole night to the person of their choice by just paying a few rupees.

The result is that the immature minds fell victim to their avarice. They indulge in useless even immoral gossip and obscene chatting .Mobile phones are on the one hand, becoming  a big cause of wastage of money, wastage of time and spread of immoral messages , videos and pictures and on the other hand they are harmful to our mental and physical health. According to survey report the excessive use of mobile phone may cause ear cancer. Mobile Phone in itself is not a bad thing but the wrong use of mobile phone give birth to a number of evils.

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