10th Class English Essay

 Some students prepare ordinary essays for their exams but could not get good marks in because they prepare ordinary essays .The marks of Tenth Class English Essay in board exam are 15 marks but mostly students could not get full marks in essay . So if you prepare these 10th Class English Essay Punjab Board with quotation you may get full marks in your exam

10th Class English Essay Punjab Boards 

  1. My Last Day at School
  2. Sports and Games
  3. Health
  4. Library
  5. Courtesy
  6. A true Muslim
  7. Television
  8. My National Hero / (Quaid-e- Azam)
  9. Our National Poet/Allama Iqbal/My favorite Poet
  10. My Hobby
  11. My Ambition
  12. My Neighbor
  13. My Best Friend
  14. A visit to Historical place/ A Picnic Party
  15. A visit to Hill station
  16. A Cricket Match
  17. A Rainy Day/  Monsoon/ A Rainy Storm
  18. My House
  19. A visit to Railway station
  20. Computer
  21. My Favorite Book
  22. Life in a big city
  23. village Life

Tenth Class English Essay Past Papers 

We made these Essay Notes of Eng are beneficial for you. But if you find any wrong thing. so any suggestion for its further precision is however invited. And if you find that our notes help you, share it with your class mates because “Sharing is Caring”

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