10th Class Chemistry Practical Past Papers

10th Class Chemistry Practical Past Papers help the students in their practical exams. Many students find the sample paper of chemistry Practical paper for their Practical exams so here we share the Past papers of chemistry practical for all the students of Punjab Board.

Matric Chemistry Practical Past Papers 

There will be 30 marks in Practical Paper of chemistry. All the practical “ll be asked from your practical note book. Many students think that Practical may be asked from unseen pattern they think totally wrong. All the question or Practical will be asked from your practical note book.

10th Class Chemistry Practical Past Papers  

  • Question one =12 marks (a or b )
  • Question 2 =12 Marks (a or b )
  • Viva voice= 3 Marks
  • Note book = 3 Marks

 Chemistry Practical Past Papers 

Important Practical 

list of Important Practical Questions of Chemistry for 9th & 10th Class

  • Prepare 100 cm3 of 00.1m sodium hydroxide solution.
  • Demonstrate that chemical reaction releases energy in form of heat.
  • Demonstrate boiling point of given liquid Acetone.
  • Determine that some process absorb energy.
  • Demonstrate boiling point of given liquid Toluene.
  • Demonstrate boiling point of given liquid Ethyl.
  • Determine the softening of water by removal of Calcium (CA) and Magnesium (MG) ions form hard water.
  • Classify substances as basic.
  • Classify substances as neutral.
  • Identify unsaturated and saturated organic compounds by Kmn O¼ test.
  • Classify substances as acidic.
  • Identify sodium by flame test.
  • Identify barium by flame test.
  • Identify copper by flame test.
  • Identify calcium by flame test.
  • Identify strontium by flame test.
  • Identify potassium by flame test

Matric Chemistry Practical Guess Paper 



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