Math 10th Class Guess Paper 2021

Math 10th Class Guess Paper 2021


Matric 10th class Math Guess Paper 2021  These guess is For getting  100% Marks in your exams 


Math 10th Class Guess Paper 2021

M.C.Q.s( All Chapter exercise and Past Papers)

Short Question


Ex 1.1       (Q.1 (i)   Q2 ( (ii) (iv))

Ex 1.2        (Q1 (i), (iii))

Write Quadratic Equation?

Unit#1 Review Exercise Q2 ((i) (ii) (vi))


Ex 2.1     Q.1 Find Discriminant (ii) (iv) )     Q.2 (i) (iv)

Ex 2.2     Q2   Evaluate (ii) (vi) (viii)

Ex 2.3     Q1 Find sum and Product    (i)   (v) (vi)

Ex 2.5      All Exercise short according to smart syllabus

Ex 2.6     Q1 synthetic division    Complete

Unit # 2 Review Exercise Q 2 (ii) (iii) (iv) (vi) (vi)

Unit# 3

Ex 3.1      Q 4 ,5, 9,  Q11(iv) (v)

Ex 3.2        Q 5, 8,11,13      Ex 3.3 Complete exercise

State Componendo dividendo theorem?

Ex 3.4 Q1 (i) (v) (viii)

Unit # 3 Review Exercise Complete (According to smart syllabus)

Unit# 4

 Definition of Proper fraction improper and Partial Fraction

Unit# 5 

Write Demorgan law?

Ex 5.1 Q1 Q4 (i) (iii) Q6 (i) (ii)

Ex 5.2 Q1 (v-viii)

Ex 5.4 Q3 (iii) Q5 (ii)

Ex 5.5 Q3

Unit# 5 Review Exercise Complete

Unit # 6

Ex 6.2 Q3 Q4

Ex 6.3 Q4

Review Exercise (According to smart syllabus)

Unit# 7

Ex 7.1 Q2 (ii) Q3 (ii) (iv) (v) Q4 (ii) (iii) (v) (viii) Q5 (iii) (vii) (viii)

Ex 7.2 Q1 (ii) Q3 (i) Q5 Q6

Ex 7.4 Q7 Q10 Q16

Review Exercise (According to smart syllabus)


Long Question


Ex 1.1 Q3 Completing Square (According to smart syllabus)

Ex 1.4 (According to smart syllabus)


Ex 2.1 Q3

Ex 2.2 Q4

Ex 2.3 Q2 (ii)   Q5 (ii) Q6 (i)

Ex 2.6 Q 2, 5


Ex 3.4 Q2 (ii) (iv) (v) (vii)

Ex 3.6 Q1 (ii) (iii) (vi) Q 2 (ii)


All Exercises according to smart syllabus include for long


Ex 5.2 Q3   Q4 (ii)

Ex 5.3 Q4 (iii) (v) Q2 (ii)(iii)


Ex 6.1 Q1 Q3

Ex 6.2 Q11 Q12

Ex 6.3 Q5 (ii) Q7


Ex 7.3 Q8 Q9

Ex 7.4 Q 11, 20, 24

Review exercise Q2 (ix)


       Theorem 2       Theorem 4


Ex 13.2   Q4 Q5


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