1st year Computer Science Guess Paper 2022

1st year Computer Science Guess Paper 2022

1st year Computer Science Guess Paper 2022 which you can prepare and get 100% marks in your exam. These important 1st year Computer Science Guess papers are available here in the best-representing form. Now it is easy to obtain good grades in 11th Class. Lastly, we advise students to avail this golden opportunity and read carefully these 1st year Computer Science Guess Papers 2022 if they want  to pass their computer exam. These guess papers will be helpful for ICS students.

Check the 1st year computer science guess paper 2022.


Short Questions & Answer Computer Science 11th Class

(1) Defuse the term digital convergence.

(2) How does trackball work?

(3) Why is it important to test a system before use?

(4) What is groupware?

(5) Give one difference between intranet and extranet.

(6) Write two functions of Network Layer.

(7) Give two examples of analog data.

(8) What is input device?

(9) What is a printer?

(10) Differentiate between softcopy and hardcopy.

(11) Define ring topology.

(12) Define workgroup computing.

(13) Define the term token in topology.

(14) How does microwave system work?

(15) What is encoder?

(16) Define mobile communication.

(17) Define application software.

(18) What is bar code reader?

(19) Differentiate between bit and byte.

(20) What is DSL?

(21) What is network interface card?

(22) State the purpose of FTP.

(23) What is Unicode?

(24) Define synchronous data transmission.

(25) What is broad band?

(26) What is privacy issue?

(27) What is logic bomb?

(28) Write the benefits of password.

(29) Define information technology.

(30) How is printer resolution measured?

(31) What is the use of MICR?

(32) State the purpose of data link layer.

(33) What do you meant by CSMA/CR?

(34) Describe Metropolitan Area Network.

(35) Define Analog Signal.

(36) How data can be represented in computer system?

(37) List three features of modem.

(38) Give some examples of latest anti-virus software.

(39) What do you mean by computer security?

(40) Write the benefits of password.

41) What do you mean by QWERTY?

(42) How does a mouse work?

(43) Define the term network topology.

(44) Define dedicated server.

(45) Define the term client.

(46) Define data communication.

(47) What is signal?

(48) Define transmission mode.

(49) Define password.

(50) Explain data security

(51) What is Redlof?

(52) Define information.

(53) Describe microphone.

(54) Give some examples of operating system.

(55) What do you mean by LAN?

(56) What is Ring topology?

(57) State the purpose of transport layer.

(58) Explain external modem.

(59) What is serial data transmission?

(60) What is communication satellite?

(61) What is meant by intranet?

(62) State basic use of digital camera.

(63) Define digital signal.

(64) Differentiate between bit and byte.

(65) State the Base band.

(66) Write basic purpose of terminal.

(67) How computers can be used in departmental stores?

(68) What is computer simulation?

(69) Define the term video conferencing.

(70) Define cache memory.

(71) State the purpose of Input/output instruction.

(72) What is stack register?

(73) List two segment registers.

(74) What arc interrupts?

(75) Describe privacy issue.

(76) What is advantage of using ATM in banks?

(77) Name four applications of document management system.

(78) What is control unit?

(79) Why RAM is used in computer?

(80) What is stack pointer register?

 (81) Name four operating systems

(82) Define store program computer.

(83) What is boot sector?

(84) Who is a hacker?

(85) What is control unit?

(86) Define memory address.

(87) Why does DRAM use more power?

(88) What is motherboard?

(89) Define the role of main memory in computer system.

(90) Distinguish between low level and high level languages .

(91) Define DMA.

(92) What is FLAGS register?

(93) What is the purpose of Recycle Bin?

(94) What is my document folder?

(95) Define the term ‘Word Processing’.

(96) What is paragraph formatting?

(97) Define bus interconnection.

(98) Define stack.

(99) List out the name of general purpose.

(100) Describe Fetch-Decode-Execute cycle of CPU.

Important Long questions 11th Class Computer Science


(1) What is software? Describe different categories/types of software.

(2) What is bus topology? Explain its working with diagram. Discuss its

advantages and disadvantages.

(3) What is operating system? Write six function of operating system.

(4) What is data transmission mode? Explain its types with examples.

(5) Define language translator. Discuss different types of language


(6) Explain any four types of computer viruses.

 (7) What are source data-entry devices? Explain three mark and character

recognition devices.

(8) Define star topology. Explain its working with diagrams. Also discuss

its two disadvantages.

(9) Why we need to encode our data in computer systems? Also define and

explain EBCDIC code and Unicode in detail.

(10) Discuss two security threats to data security. Write any four solutions

to these threats

(11) What are input devices? Explain any three pointing input devices.

(12) What is network protocol? Discuss different LAN protocols.

(13) What is data transmission mode? Explain different types of data


(14) Define language processor/translator. Explain different types.

(15) Briefly explain the basic components of communication networks.

(16) Define computer language and discuss its types.

(17) What is display screen? Explain any two types of display screens.

(18) What is OSI Model? Discuss its any two layers.

(19) What is unguided media? Explain different unguided media.

(20) What is computer? Discuss any three primary components of a

computer system

(21) Explain any four components of Local Area Network.

(22) What is non-impact printer? Discuss its three different types.

(23) What is communication Media? Describe three types of guided media.