9th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022

9th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022

9th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022 available on this website and you can See full guess paper online on this website. Guess Papers have great importance because it gives complete idea about the annual exam to a students. You can get all books guess paper online free from our sit and students get 100% marks by following these guess papers.

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The papers of 9th Class is going to be conducted on May 2022. You can prepare this 9th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022 for English and Urdu medium for obtaining the good marks in this paper. All students of computer science group can prepare these guess paper to get better marks in results

Computer is a very interesting subject and all students of the Pakistan show great interest in this subject. Now Computer use in our daily life and it also made our life easy, Students read this subject with great interest. You get many advantages from our guess paper and also you get all other classes guess paper online free from here.

Guess papers are the key to passing in the exams for those who do not have good preparation for their exams from their syllabus. If you prepare our 9th Class Computer Guess Paper 2022 Urdu & English Medium For BISE board along with your textbook then we give a guarantee for 100% marks in your result for your computer paper.

For Long Question Just prepare Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 Your Long Question will be cover from this chapter.

Short Question

  • Define problem analysis. Explain your answer along with an example
  • Define an algorithm and argue on its role and importance in problem solving
  • Suppose a problem has multiple algorithms. How would you choose the most efficient one? Explain with example
  • How do you determine requirements for a flowchart?
  • What is meant by problem solving? Write name of five problem solving steps.
  • What are the strategies of defining a problem?
  • How the strategy “Gain Background Knowledge” is helpful in defining a problem?
  • What is “Draw a picture” Strategy?
  • What is flowchart?
  • Describe the importance of flowchart in problem solving
  • What is meant by a problem?
  • What is meant by problem analysis?
  • What is meant by act it out strategy?
  • Define candid solution.
  • What is the best solution to a problem
  • How flowcharts are helpful in problem solving.
  • Write a flowchart of wearing shoes with socks.
  • Name the flowchart symbols.
  • Describe the use of flow lines. Draw its symbol also.
  • What is terminal?
  • For which decision symbol is used.
  • Describe input/output symbol
  • Define connector symbol.
  • Draw a flowchart to determine whether a given number is odd or even.
  • Draw a flowchart to find a maximum value among three numbers a, b, and c.
  • Define decimal number system.
  • What is meant by binary number system?
  • Convert (A23)16 to binary number system.
  • Define Volatile Memory
  • Define RAM
  • Define non-volatile memory.
  • Define ASCII Code.
  • Define Storage device.
  • What is meant by external storage device?
  • What is meant by internal storage device?
  • Define truth value
  • What is meant by logical operators?
  • Define AND operator with its symbol.
  • Define OR operator with its symbol.
  • State the use of laws of Boolean algebra.
  • With the help of truth table prove that: A, B = B. A
  • Difference between temporary and permanent storage.
  • Define communication Channel.
  • What is meant by network of networks? Give an example.
  • State any four benefits of networking
  • Give some example of sharing of resources.
  • What is meant by file sharing?
  • What is the benefit of sharing of internet connection?
  • Define Server.
  • Define Data Communication.
  • Name the main components of communication system.
  • Who is a sender?
  • Who is a receiver?
  • What is meant by File Transfer Protocol?
  • For what purpose HTTP is used.
  • What is meant by IP address?
  • What are the types of software piracy?
  • Define soft –lifting
  • Define Client-server overuse.
  • Define phishing
  • What is meant by Patent?
  • What is meant by copyright law? Give an example
  • What do you mean by Data Privacy?
  • Write down the name of some data security issues.
  • What do you mean by confidentiality and privacy?
  • Define Piracy?
  • Define software piracy?
  • What is softlifting?
  • Define hard disk loading?
  • Define counterfeiting?
  • What is online piracy
  • What is the relationship between password and cryptographic keys?
  • What is meant by identity theft?
  • What is NR3C?
  • What is meant by DOS attack?
  • Define HTML.
  • What is meant by Hypertext?
  • What is meant by Markup Language?
  • What do you need to create a webpage?
  • What is the two section of HTML documents?
  • How heading are defined in HTML document?
  • How do we use an image as a hyperlink?
  • Differentiate between ordered and unordered list?
  • What is difference between hyperlink and anchor?
  • In which software you can create a web page?
  • What is extension to save HTML page.
  • Write down the name of HTML tags?
  • Write down the main section of HTML document?
  • What do you mean by body section?


  • Define Problem Solving? Also write the steps to solve a problem.
  • What is an Algorithm? What strategy should be adopted to develop and algorithm?
  • Define Flowchart? Also explain the purpose of flowchart symbols use in flowchart.
  • Write a program and also draw a flowchart to find the Input a number and calculate in factorial.
  • Write a program and also draw a flowchart to find the LCM of two numbers.
  • Write a program and also draw a flowchart to find the Input a number and display its factors.
  • Write a program and also draw a flowchart to find the Input a year and determine whether it is a leap year or not.
  • Write the note on TCP/IP in detail.
  • Describe the Router in detail.
  • What is IP address? Write its note.
  • Write a note on Communication.
  • Define Application Sharing and write its note.
  • What is the Difference between Static and dynamic IP?
  • Define Communication Channel?
  • What is the difference between point –to-point and multipoint connection?
  • What is TCP/IP? Describe its five layers with their functions


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