9th Class Guess Paper of Computer Science 2021


9th Class Computer Guess Paper For 2021 All Short Question and Long Question For 2021



Short Question


  1. Define Problem analysis?

  2. Define algorithm? Prepare algorithm for making tea?

  3. What is Flow chart? Give example?

  4. Define Candid solution with the help of example?

  5. Write an algorithm to find sum, product and average of five given numbers?

  6. Advantages and disadvantages of an algorithm and Flow chart

  7. Draw a Flowchart to find the area of Parallelogram?

  8. Difference between algorithm and Flow chart?

  9. Role of algorithm in Problem Solving

  10. Write the names of problem Solving steps?

  11. Define Number system? Name its Types?

  12. Convert (C921

  13. Prove that A+B= B+A with the help of truth table?

  14. Define Preposition? Give example?

  15. Write the difference between Volatile memory and Non- Volatile memory?

  16. Define Soft lifting?

  17. What is sabotage?

  18. Define Encryption?

  19. Define software Piracy?

  20. Define Computer Network?

  21. Define Protocol?

  22. What are trade secrets?

  23. What is HTML?

  24. Write the characteristics of a good password?

  25. Define anchor?

  26. Define HTTP and FTP?

  27. Write the difference between IPv4 and IPv6

  28. Who are Hackers?

  29. Define patent

  30. What is Hypertext?

Long Question


Enlist the Problem solving steps. Explain planning a solution

Draw a Flowchart to display the large one out of three given unequal numbers?

Prove associative and distributive property with the help of truth table.

Write a note on

a) Confidentiality and Privacy     b) Fraud and Misuse

Who are hackers? Write a note on hacking.

Explain the method of

a) Ceaser cipher method b) Vigenere Cipher method  

What is IP? Explain its Types?

Define Data communication? Explain the basic component of data communication

Define Routine. Explain the process of Routing?

Define and Explain Cybercrime?

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