2nd year Computer Science Guess Paper 2022

   2nd year Computer Science Guess Paper 2022

Here we provide you 2nd year Computer Science Guess Paper 2022 which you can prepare and get 100% marks in your exam. These important 2nd year Computer Science Guess papers are available here. Now, it is easy to obtain good grades in 12th Class. We advise students to avail this golden opportunity and prepare these 2nd year Computer Science Guess Papers 2022 in order to pass their computer exam. These guess papers will be helpful for ICS students.

Check the 2nd year computer science guess paper 2022.

2nd year computer Important Short Questions

The chapter wise list of important short questions is given below:

Chapter  1

  • Describe data manipulations
  • What is a field?
  • Define program file with example
  • Define program organization

and Name different types of file organization.

  • Differentiate between data and information.
  • Define data processing.
  • Define redundancy.
  • Name two features of DBMS

Chapter-  2

  • What are properties of relation?
  • Define indexes.
  • Define foreign key.
  • Define key and List different types of keys.
  • Define data administration.
  • How a relation is formed in database?
  • What is an entity in an ERD?
  • Who is user or end user?
  • What is the purpose of using views?

Chapter # 3

  • Define AND attribute.
  • Define data modeling.
  • Define the purpose of feasibility study.
  • What is E-R diagram?


  • Transitive dependency.
  • Define entity.
  • Define integrity.
  • Synonyms
  • Database integrity.
  • Partial dependency


  • Differentiate between form and report
  • Database wizard/sample database
  • How query is written and
  • List some advantages of IDE
  • Uses of MS Access
  • Reports
  • Enlist the parts of application window in MS Access.

Chapter #6

  • Primary key
  • What is the use of data sheet views in MS Access?
  • Cardinality of relation
  • Degree of relation
  • Write down two table vies available in Access.

Chapter_ 7

  • Sub form
  • Uses of columnar forms
  • Purpose of control naming convention
  • Syntax of msg box
  • What are methods in vb?
  • Property window
  • Code window
  • Purpose of timer control
  • Differentiate between key press and key up events
  • Events of mouse
  • Events of keyboard

Unit= 8

  • Define programming language
  • Case sensitive in C language
  • Preprocessor directive
  • Programmer
  • Differentiate between logical errors and syntax errors
  • Header files
  • Compiler and assembler
  • Differentiate between source code and object code
  • Deli meters
  • Run time errors
  • Structured programming language
  • Visual basic
  • Differentiate between visual programming and

event driven programming language

  • What is .net function
  • What is VBA?

Chapter__ 9

  • Define identifier with and example
  • Differentiate between declaring and defining a variable
  • Variables and two rules for naming variables
  • Uses of assignment statement
  • Operator precedent
  • Define constant. List different types of constants
  • Character constant
  • Keywords
  • Concatenation operator

Chapter 10

  • Standard input
  • Escape sequence
  • Getche () function
  • Uses of format specifier in C language
  • Use of scanf function
  • Clrscr function
  • Predict the output…..
  • List some important function for input


  • Control structure & selection structure
  • Find output
  • Explain if statement
  • Find error…..
  • Write syntax of if-else statement
  • Why break statement is used in a switch () structure
  • Switch statement

Chapter no 12

  • While loop
  • Sentinel control loop
  • Write syntax of for loop
  • Write syntax of do while loop
  • What is iteration?


  • Define function. List some benefits of using functions
  • Local variables and its scope
  • Compare local variables and global variables
  • Function cell
  • Actual parameters
  • Build in functions
  • Life time of local variables
  • Function definition and function declaration/prototyping

Unit 14

  • Compare binary and text stream
  • Binary system
  • Text files
  • File lose
  • Describe project file in VB
  • Project explorer window
  • Differentiate between method and property.
Important Long Questions:
  • Discuss different types of forms in MS-Access with an example.
  • What is a Database Management System?
  • Explain three major components of theDMS.
  • Define the data distribution?
  • Explain three data distribution strategies in detail.
  • What are the major components of a logical data model?
  • Define referential integrity with an example?
  • Explain the cascade up-date and cascade delete options in referential integrity.
  • What is the Query? Discuss its disadvantages and advantages.
  • What are reports?
  • Explain any three types of reports with an example.
  • Define the bug and debugging?
  • Explain a few types of errors in the C program.
  • What is a “file”? Explain any three types of files in detail.
  • Write important 8 rules for naming variables in C language.
  • Write down a program in C language to accept a year from the keyboard.
  • Write down a program in C language that inputs a number from the user
  • Print the table of numbers to be entered by the user.
  • Explain the working of the loop with syntax
  • Explain the working of the loop with flowchart in detail.