2nd year Computer Guess paper 2021

2nd year Computer Guess Paper for 2021

Here we share 2nd year guess paper of computer for 2021. if you want to get maximum marks in computer science paper you should follow this guess paper this Guess paper is for All Punjab Board. 

Short Question

  • Write the difference between Data and information
  • Define Database?
  • Define File and Record with example?
  • Define Data Dictionary?
  • Write the component of Database system?
  • Define the term Data integrity, Data capturing, Data manipulation?
  • Define sorting?
  • Write the difference between cardinality and modality?
  • List any two uses of reports?
  • Define Normalization?

ICS Part 2 Computer Guess Paper for 2021

  • Define an Entity with example?
  • List any two characteristics of relation or table?
  • Define the term Data modeling?
  • State the component of logical database design and Physical database design?
  • What do you mean by feasibility study and data analysis?
  • What are the components of logical data modal?
  • Explain the following term synonym and homonym?
  • Write the difference between transitive dependency and partial dependency?
  • Define the term IDE?
  • Define input mask?
  • Define the Database objects are used to store and retrieve data?
  • Write the difference between relationships and join?
  • What is join ? Explain its purpose?
  • Differentiate between forms and reports?
  • What is report?
  • How we print “Hello world”?
  • Linker and loader?
  • Structure and unstructured programming?
  • List any two characteristic of high level language?
  • What are identifiers?
  • Define Keywords with example?
  • How we declare a variable in C language?
  • Define function or modular programming?

12th Class Computer Guess Paper for 2021


  • Define data type with example?
  • Differentiate between Numeric constant and Character constant?
  • Define Conditional Operator?
  • Write the difference between increment operator and decrement operator?
  • Define Nested Loop?
  • Write the syntax of while statement and for statement?
  • Write the difference between Global variable and local variable?
  • What is EOF marker and new line?
  • Define function Prototype?
  • Define stream? Write the name of its types?
  • Write the difference between text stream and Binary stream?
  • Write the difference between Function header and function body?
  • Define Built-in Function with example?
  • Write two advantages of function?

Long Question

  1. What are database Modals Explain all the modals with the help of diagram?
  2. Briefly describe any four advantages and disadvantages of DBMS?
  3. What is key? Discuss all the types of keys?
  4. Define and explain data modeling with all of its types?
  5. Define Normalization? Explain 1NF, 2NF, 3NF?
  6. What is query? Explain its types?
  7. Explain the basic structure of C program?
  8. Define Debugging? Explain all types of errors?
  9. Operator in C?
  10. Write the syntax, Flow chart and working of IF statement?
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