11th Class ICS (Part 1) Computer Guess Paper 2021

 ICS (Part 1) Computer Guess Paper 2021

We know you are looking for 11th Class ICS (Part 1) Computer Guess Paper 2021. Here we providing you guess paper for your exams of 2021. You Must see these Computer Guess paper of ICS (part 1).So, don’t waste your time and start learning these guess paper. You can get maximum marks by preparing these guess paper. In these Guess paper we provide you Mcqs, short question and long question. This guess paper is prepared according to board pattern for ICS (Part 1) students exams of 2021

11th Class computer Guess paper 2021

This guess paper is prepared according to smart syllabus and (ALP) for all Punjab Boards Punjab Board include (Faisalabad Board, Sheikhupura Board, Sahiwal Board Multan Board) Gujranwala Board)

Short Question

  1. Define Software? Differentiate between system software and application software?
  2. Differentiate between custom build software and package software?
  3. State the purpose of data gathering?
  4. What is preliminary Plan? What is its use?
  5. Why we need training of users for a new system?
  6. Define OS?
  7. Define Word?
  8. Differentiate between system testing and unit testing?
  9. State the purpose of maintenance?
  10. Differentiate Between Intranet and Extranet?
  11. How ISDN different from DSL?
  12. Write the Purpose of gateway?
  13. Distinguish between LAN and WAN?
  14. Distinguish Between uploading and downloading?
  15. Advantages and disadvantages of all topologies?
  16. Differentiate between De –facto standard and De-jure standard?
  17. What do you know about workgroup computing and Global village?
  18. State The Purpose of Router?
  19. State the Purpose of FTP and HTTP?
  20. State the Purpose of All OSI Layer?
  21. Define Data Communication?
  22. Differentiate between Analog Signal and Digital signal?
  23. Differentiate between Asynchronous and Synchronous Transmission?

11th Class ICS (Part 1) Computer Guess Paper 2021


  1. Write the difference Between Encoder and Decoder?
  2. Differentiate between Sender (Source or Transmitter) and Receiver (Destination and Sink)?
  3. Difference between Serial Transmission and Parallel Transmission?
  4. Write the difference between Baseband and Broad Band?
  5. Define the term bandwidth and Token?
  6. Define Fiber Optic? Write nay two Characteristics of Fiber Optics?
  7. How Computer used in Marketing?
  8. Define E-Commerce?
  9. Define Video conferencing? Write any two advantages of video Conferencing?
  10. Define Simulation with Example?
  11. Write the difference between CAD and CAM?
  12. Describe online shopping and online Banking?
  13. State the Purpose of ATM? Write any two advantages of ATM?
  14. State the Purpose of DMS?
  15. How Computer is used in Banking?
  16. Differentiate between RAM and ROM?
  17. Differentiate between PROM and EPROM?
  18. What are interrupts? Write any two advantages of Interrupts?
  19. What are CPU register?
  20. Differentiate between source code and Object Code?
  21. Differentiate between Complier and Interpreter?
  22. Why Is ROM Called Non – Volatile?
  23. Write the difference between ALU and CU?
  24. Define cache Memory?
  25. Differentiate between DRAM and DRAM?
  26. What is the Function of Main Memory?
  27. Why Is RAM Called Volatile?
  28. How does virus spread through e-mail?
  29. Define Pirated Software? How Pirated software spread virus?
  30. Write any two Security violations?
  31. Differentiate between Virus and anti-virus?
  32. Define logic bomb and Red loaf?
  33. List some types of Virus?
  34. Write any four name of Anti Virus?
  35. Define the term back up?
  36. What is the Purpose of Recycle bin?
  37. Give difference between GUA and CLI?
  38. Write any two Functions of OS?
  39. Difference between Primary partition and extended partition?
  40. Write the difference between Multitasking and Multiprocessing OS?
  41. What do you mean by plug and Play?
  42. Define and Purpose of Control Panel, Internet Explorer?
  43. Write Shortcut key of copy and paste?
  44. What is WYSIWYG?

Inter Part 1 Computer Guess Paper 2021


  1. What is Word Processing? List any two advantages and uses of Word processor?
  2. Define Header and Footer?
  3. Define Macros?
  4. Explain URL and Web Browsing?
  5. Define IP addressing Write the difference between IPv4 and IPv6?
  6. Define Spread sheet? List two benefits and uses of Spreadsheet?
  7. What do you mean by names ranges cell reference cell address
  8. List any four built in function of spread sheet?

Long Question

  1. Define Software? Explain its types?
  2. What is SDLC? Write a note on its system design phase and implementation phase
  3. Topologies (Star, tree, Mesh) (Working, Diagram, advantages, disadvantages)
  4. What is Network Protocol? Discuss Different LAN’s Protocols?
  5. Bus (Data, System ,Address, Expansion)
  6. OSI layers (very Important for 2021)
  7. Explain Different components of Computer network?
  8. Define data communication. Explain basic component of data communication?
  9. Guided media and unguided media?
  10. Define Signal? Explain the types of Signal in data communication?
  11. Define language translator? Explain different types of language Translator?
  12. What are ports? Describe different types of ports?
  13. Explain the fetch decode execute cycle of CPU? Also draw its diagram?
  14. What is ROM? Discuss its different types?
  15. What is RAM? Discuss its different types?
  16. What is CPU? Explain different component of CPU?
  17. Explain different types of Viruses?
  18. Explain different causes of computer viruses?
  19. What is OS? Explain different function of OS?
  20. Define back up of data? why we use it? Discuss its types?

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