10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2021

Computer Guess paper 10th Class 2022

We know you are trying to find 10th  Computer guess paper for your exams . Here you can find 10th Class guess paper 2021 for your exams.

These Guess paper is very beneficial for your exams and for getting 100 percent marks you should follow this guess paper for your exams 

10th  Computer Guess Paper 2021

Short Question
  1. Define Problem Solving? List the steps to solve any problem?
  2. Define Desk Checking
  3. Define algorithm name the strategies for developing an algorithm?
  4. How will you load the program in GW basic?
  5. How will you save the program in GW-basic?
  6. Define debugging and testing?
  7. How many modes are there in GW basic Name them and differentiate between them?
  8. What do you mean by syntax of programming language?
  9. Write Limitation of Flow Chart?
  10. Differentiate between Runtime error and Logical error
  11. Compare Flow Chart and Algorithm?
  12. Define IDE? Discuss the features of IDE in basic?
  13. How will you execute the program in GW-Basic?
  14. Define GW-Basic?
  15. What is operator precedence ?
  16. Differentiate between GW basic commands and statement?
  17. Define Keywords with example?
  18. What is type declaration Character? explain their use with examples
  19. Write the syntax and purpose of load command?
  20. Differentiate between Variable and Constant?
  21. Define Control structure? How many control structure are available in basic?
  22. Define array? Write its syntax?
  23. Write the syntax of if-else statement?
  24. Write the difference between conditional transfer of control and unconditional transfer of control?
  25. How will you fill and Print array?
  26. What is the difference between user define function and built in function?
  27. Define Graphics ?How many moods of graphics?
  28.  Define text mood?
  29. Write the difference between medium resolution graphic and high resolution graphic?
  30. What is line statement?
  31. Define Nested loop?
  32. Differentiate between while wend loop and For next loop?
  33.  Define selection structure ?How many types of selection structure are there Name them?
  34. What is subscript variable?
  35. Differentiate between simple and subscript variable?
  36. Define string constant with example?
  37. What is concatenation operator? give example?
  38. Write the syntax of one dimension array?
  39. Write the purpose and syntax of dates Function?
  40. What is the purpose of dollar sign ?

Long Question:

What is Flow Chart? Write its Guidelines?

Compare Flow Chart and Algorithm?

Define algorithm? Explain its strategies ?

Define debugging Explain its errors?

Draw a Flowchart to find the largest of three numbers?

Define variable? Explain Rules for naming variable in basic?

Structure of GW basic ?

Define Selection structure Explain its types?

Operator in GW-Basic?

Define Built in Function Name any five built in Function with their purpose and syntax?

Define Graphics Explain its Modes ?

Explain Circle statement ?

Explain user define function?

Define Constant Explain its types?

Define GW- Basic commands and Explain any Five commands?

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