10th Class Computer Practical Guess Paper 2023

10th Class Computer Practical Guess Paper 2023

we know you are searching for 10th Class Computer Practical Guess Paper 2023 This is the only website that is providing you tenth class Computer Practical Guess Paper 2023. Students never perform practical in their schools and collages and at the time of Practical paper they confuse.

Tenth Class Computer Important Practical 2023

Practical work has great importance and a student get more information and knowledge from a practical work then the theory. Computer is a very important subject and it helps to do our work in short time. Students who done 10th class examination and now give matric practical, they get many advantages from this post. In this post, we are going to share with you Computer matric practical guess paper 2023 and these guess papers are valid for all boards of Pakistan, so all students get good marks by preparing these practical

list of Important Practical Questions of Computer for 9th & 10th Class

  • Prepare 100 cm3 of 00.1m sodium hydroxide solution.
  • Demonstrate that chemical reaction releases energy in form of heat.
  • Demonstrate boiling point of given liquid Acetone.
  • Determine that some process absorb energy.
  • Demonstrate boiling point of given liquid Toluene.
  • Demonstrate boiling point of given liquid Ethyl.
  • Determine the softening of water by removal of Calcium (CA) and Magnesium (MG) ions form hard water.
  • Classify substances as basic.
  • Classify substances as neutral.
  • Identify unsaturated and saturated organic compounds by Kmn O¼ test.
  • Classify substances as acidic.
  • Identify sodium by flame test.
  • Identify barium by flame test.
  • Identify copper by flame test.
  • Identify calcium by flame test.
  • Identify strontium by flame test.
  • Identify potassium by flame test


Computer is a very interesting subject and this subject have great importance and computer used in large amount in our daily life. You can say that, our life have great use of computer and this is avail in all fields. I think, now every person of work have computer, laptop or mobile at their home.

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