10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021

Looking for 10th Class Physics Guess paper 2021 Lahore Board? Here we Share guess paper of physics 2021. Go and check .

10th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021


Short Question

  1. Define Restoring Force?
  2. Define Wave?
  3. Define Hook’s Law?
  4. Write the difference between Mechanical Waves and Electromagnetic Waves?
  5. Define Crust and Trough?
  6. Define Wavelength?
  7. Write any two uses of Capacitor?
  8. Define joule’s Law?
  9. Write any two Advantages of E-mail?
  10. State Snell’s law?
  11. Define Ampere?
  12. Define farad?
  13. Define Ohm?
  14. Construct the truth table of OR Operator?
  15. Draw the circuit Diagram of  NAND Gate?
  16. Define Current with its Formula?
  17. Write The Difference between ohmic and Non-ohmic material?
  18. Define Mutual Induction?
  19. What is Step-up-transformer and step-down transformer?
  20. Define pitch?
  21. Define Sound waves?
  22. Define Quality of Sound?
  23. Define Natural radioactivity?
  24. Write the difference between concave mirror and convex mirror?
  25. Define Critical Angle?
  26. What is Total Internal Reflection?
  27. What is Center of Curvature?
  28. Show the Relationship Between Frequency ,wavelength and Speed?
  29. What is Right Hand Rule?
  30. Define Potential Difference ?
  31. Define Power with its formula?
  32. Write two uses of logic gates?
  33. What is LDR?
  34. Write the difference between fission reaction and nuclear fusion reaction?
  35. Define ICT?
  36. What are browsers? Name any two browsers?
  37. Define E-mail? Write any two advantages of Email?
  38. What is atomic number and atomic mass number?
  39. Write the difference between Hardware and Software?
  40. Define Background Radiation?
  41. Define half life?
  42. Define Cosmic radiation?
  43. Write any two services of internet?
  44. Define Electromagnetic induction?
  45. Define Kilowatt hour with its formula?
  46. Define emf?
  47. Define lens Formula?
  48. Define Power of a lens with its formula?
  49. Define Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Fission
  50. Define Carbon Dating?

Matric Physics Guess Paper Lahore Board

Long Question


  1. Define SHM? Prove that Motion of Mass attached to a spring is also a SHM with the help of Diagram?
  2. Define Loudness of Sound? on which Factor loudness of Sound Depends?
  3. Define intensity of Sound? Derive its Formula?
  4. Define Refraction of Light? Explain the phenomena of Refraction of light with the help of diagram?
  5. Define And Explain Coulomb law?
  6. Working of Transformer?
  7. Define  and Explain ohms law? Also write the difference between Ohmic and Non-ohmic material?
  8. Electrical Energy and Joule’s law?
  9. Resistor in parallel and Series ?
  10. Capacitor in Parallel and Series?
  11. Electric Power 
  12. Diagram and Truth table of Gates 
  13. Half Life?


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