10th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2021

10th Class Chemistry Guess paper for 2021

Finally Wait is over. 10th Class Guess Paper of Chemistry for 2021 has been shared on over website .Go and Check guess paper for your exams. This Guess Paper  will be 100% Guaranteed for your exams. This Guess paper is for all Punjab Boards . If you want good marks in your exams  You must be read this guess paper and prepare this guess paper of 10th Class Chemistry. Thank you!.

Short Question

  1. Define chemical equilibrium state?
  2. Write the difference between acids and Base
  3. Why at equilibrium state reaction does not stop?
  4. Define amphoteric with example.
  5. Write the limitation of Arrhenius Concept?
  6. What is relationship between active mass and rate of reaction?
  7. Define Adduct?
  8. Define pH. What is the pH of pure water?
  9. Write two uses of sulphuric acid?
  10. Write the difference between reverse reaction and Forward reaction?
  11. Why H+ ion acts as a Lewis acid?
  12. Write the difference between Conjugate acid and conjugate Base with example.
  13. Define reversible reaction?
  14. Define Functional group with one example?
  15. How we prepare salt give examples?
  16. What is an ester group? Write down the formula of ethyl acetate.
  17. What are aromatic Compounds? Give example
  18. How is alkyl radicals formed? Explain with examples.

Matric Chemistry Guess Paper 2021


  1. Define structure formula. give structure formula of n-butane and iso-butane?
  2. What is the difference between n-propyl and isopropyl radicals?
  3. Write the structure formula of acetic acid and formic acid?
  4. Define Combustion?
  5. What do you know about hydrogenation of alkenes?
  6. Why the alkenes are called ‘olefins’?
  7. Give three properties of polysaccharides?
  8. Define gangue?
  9. Define Peptide linkage with the help of chemical reaction?
  10. Name two fatty acids with their formulae.
  11. How plants synthesize carbohydrates?
  12. How are proteins formed?
  13. Define pollutant? Write the difference between primary pollutant and secondary pollutant?
  14. Define green house effect and global warming?
  15. Define ozone hole?
  16. .How is ozone layer formed in stratosphere?
  17. State the major sources of CO and CO2 emission.
  18. CO is a hidden enemy, explain its action. 
  19. How water behave as a solvent.
  20. Write the difference between hard water and soft water?
  21. What are the causes of hardness in water?
  22. Mention the disadvantages of detergents.
  23. Define Metallurgy?
  24. Write advantages of Solvay process?
  25. Write the name of raw material or manufacturing urea?
  26. Prepare ammonia by Haber’s process?
  27. Explain process of electro refining?
  28. How NaHCO3 is converted to Na2CO3?
  29. What is the principle of Solvay’s process?
  30. Write two properties of irreversible reaction?
  31. Define equilibrium constant with their formula?
  32. What does large value of Kc show?
  33. What is the extent of reaction?
  34. Define neutralization? Give example?
  35. Give any two uses of
  36. Write the difference between Glucose and Fructose?
  37. Why alkane are called paraffin’s
  38. Give general formula of amino acid?

Tenth Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2021

  1. Give two Characteristics of monosaccharide?
  2. Write two uses of ethene?
  3. Write two affects of ozone depletion?
  4. Define Metallurgy?
  5. Write the name of four Primary Pollutants?
  6. How we prepare ammonia by Solvay process?
  7. Name two raw materials which are used in Solvay’s process?
  8. What is the cause of Typhoid and dysentery?
  9. Write a note on smelting?

Long Question

  1. Define and Explain law of mass Action?
  2. Give Chemical properties of acid and Base. 
  3. Define salts? How we prepare soluble salts by chemical reaction?
  4. Uses of base and acids.
  5. Write a note on classification of organic compound?
  6. Give Chemical Properties of Bases.
  7. Physical properties of alkane alkenes alkynes
  8. Write a note on halogenations?
  9. Effects of Global warming
  10. Write any five uses of Acetylene and ethene?
  11. Homologues series
  12. Prepare the following
  • (i) Ethane from ethene;
  • (ii) Acetylene from tetra halide;
  •  (iii) Carbon tetrachloride from methane;
  • (iv) Ethylene glycol from ethene;
  • (v) 1,2-dibromoethane from ethene and
  •  (vi) Glyoxal from acetylene

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